Adiós Amigos!

This is a farewell post, I worked in Reporte Indigo from March 22, 2012 through January 20, 2014. During this time I found a great place to work and awesome talented people to work with, but I think changes are for good, always; so me, my wife and kids decided to leave the -now- chaotic, polluted city of Monterrey (in the northern part of Mexico) and move all the way down to the mexican caribbean city of Playa del Carmen, a warm, touristic and placid -yet- city.
It’s always hard to quit a job, not for the job by itself (which honestly Reporte Indigo was a great place to work) rather by the loss of a steady income, but times are hard everywhere, either a huge city or a small town, one should think that the bigger the city the greater the opportunities, maybe, anyway, internet has change the way business are done, I have more than 10 years freelancing, and I’ll keep freelancing for as long as I can, perhaps I’ll look for a part-time job, I’ll open my online store, there’s a plenty of new things to do, that’s exciting though defiant.
Thanks to those 11 followers (until today) of this blog and all those people that had the time to stop by (which honestly weren’t that much); anyway I’m gonna keep this site up, (no longer being updated) just as a part of my portfolio; anyway I invite any visitor to visit my freelance blog:, please subscribe and in case you are in the mood leave a comment, comments are always welcome

Hugo Herrera. Illustration & Design

Nos vemos!

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I'm the freelance illustrator
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